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Sports and Games

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Sports and games are considered to be an integral part of education as they are important for the all-round development of students. Our ACCER has made systematic efforts to improve the performance of the students in sports and games which help them to develop the qualities like leadership, team-spirit, perseverance, co-operation, participation, understanding etc.

ACCER provide facilities for football, volleyball, basketball and cricket. The students have great opportunity to participate in the inter-college and inter-university competitions. Inter-batch competitions are held once in year and also inter-college and inter-university.

In inter-agriathletics meet, Mr .Basil Abraham (2010 batch), Ms.Sandra George (2010 batch) and Ms.Binsiya T K (2011 batch) secured prizes, and became winners in national level. Ms. Anjaly C. Bose Secured Gold medal in National Shooting Championship in 2012.


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